Project 365, Days 289-294

Day 289, Sept 4, 2011: There’s a storm coming. I love watching the clouds come in.
Day 290: Yes, that’s a kitten on her head. This little guy is a stray that needed a little extra TLC. As you can see, Janelle was very willing to provide the love 🙂
Day 291: The boys had their first soccer game of the season. Actually it, was a scrimmage, but we’re calling it a game. They won 10-3
Day 292: Kaiser and Jet love to play tug-of-war with their toys. Jet usually wins, but as big as Kaiser is getting, it won’t be long until he’s winning.
Day 293: Yep. It’s that time of year again. Packer Season. Opening night of the NFL and the Packers beat the Saints 42-34. And, just for the record, the Packers haven’t lost a game that I’ve painted my nails green and gold for 🙂
Day 294: This was actually last night. The final practice for this weekend’s worship celebration. Despite the look on her face, Janelle actually knows exactly what to do and does it very well.

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