Project 365, Days 295-298

Day 295, Sept 10: It was Janelle’s turn to participate in a swap with the Homeschool Lounge. Her partner sent her all this stuff–lots of girly things 🙂
Day 296: Kaiser, doing what he loves best–napping. Well, maybe what he loves 2nd. I think eating is his favorite.
Day 297: Our eggs are hatching. So far, only 2 baby chicks. Maybe some more will hatch, maybe not. With our incubator’s wide temperature range during this hatch, it’s hard to predict how many will hatch.
Day 298: That’s not fog in the distance. It’s smoke. The huge fire in Northern Minnesota is causing our air to be smokey. All day, we could smell the smoke and everywhere we looked, we could see it. It cleared up as the day went on, but since the fire is still burning, there might be more days of smoke.

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