Project 365, Days 307-315

Day 307, Sept 22: Eric playing forward (instead of his usual goalie). His team lost, again, but they are doing better than last year.
Day 308: We had 2 of the pigs the boys raised for 4-H butchered. Today I picked up 428 pounds of yummy pork. 🙂
Day 309: Dark and windy described the day. This picture doesn’t do justice to the wind. The plastic covering the bales was blowing wildly.
Day 310: Blizzard is ready for the Packers-Bears game 🙂
Day 311: Chemistry class with our co-op. So far we haven’t had any major explosions!!
Day 312: Greg playing soccer. They won this game 4-1!! Yea!!
Day 313: I love sunsets
Day 314: We added some beef from one of our cows, so now all 3 freezers are full and ready for our dining enjoyment all winter long
Day 315: The weather today was crazy. Rain, then sun, then both at the same time. I never knew what it was going to be doing when I went out. It produce a couple of beautiful rainbows, however.

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