Project 365, Days 322-326

Day 322, October 7: WAHSP: Waupun Area Homeschool Soccer Program. This is the team the boys play on
Day 323: Our big, lovable puppy. Kaiser loves to sleep right where we need to walk. He’s getting so big, he almost reaches across the hallway.
Day 324: Kaiser sleeping again. Besides being in the middle of wherever we need to be, he loves sleeping in strange positions.
Day 325: I am hosting a swap on the Homeschool Lounge. This swap has people from all over the country sending me activities for toddlers and then I am going to repackage them and send everybody one of each activity. This is what the mailman delivered to my house in one day!
Day 326: A rainy soccer game. It started raining in the first half and continued off and on the rest of the game. As soon as the game was done, it started to rain hard. The boys won, 1-0

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