Project 365, Days 327-334

Day 327, October 12, 2011: This was the last picture taken of Greg with his chipped front tooth. If you look closely, you can see the chip. He chipped it several years ago on the bottom of a swimming pool.
Day 328: And, now, he’s chipless (and, just a little strange)
Day 329: Another soccer game. This one was really cold and windy. But, they won 🙂
Day 330: Cloudy and rainy was the way the weather seemed to stay for a couple of days.
Day 331: These are some of the 340 “Busy Bag” activities that moms from all over the country sent to me. I then divided all the activities up and sent them back to the moms so they now each will have 10 activities for their toddlers to do. This project was through “The Homeschool Lounge”
Day 332, October 17, 11 months done: Chemistry class at the co-op. We’re blowing up balloons with baking soda and vinegar to find the limiting reactant of the experiment.
Day 333: These are some of the boxes from the busy bag swap that are ready to ship.
Day 334: Watch me grow. Kaiser is getting huge!! It’s hard to imagine how big he’ll be when he’s full grown. (he’s only about 6 months old now)

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