Project 365, Days 335-347

Day 335, Oct 20: A dog and his girl
Day 336: The final soccer game of the season. The boys team lost to this team last year twice, 0-10 and 0-14. The first game this year, we lost 1-5. So, hopes were high that we’d at least keep them within a couple of goals of us. Imagine the joy when we won 2-0 🙂 It was a great way to end the team’s first season with a winning record. They ended the season with a 6-4 record.
Day 337: Not a great photo. There was a fairly large fire near the airport that I just had to go check out.
Day 338: It was swap time at the Homeschool Lounge again. This was a winter-themed swap, “Stuff a beanie hat”. I got a hat stuffed with lotion, fuzzy socks, lip stuff and candy 🙂
Day 339: The day after getting home from her first Jr High Youth Group retreat, Janelle was a little bit tired. Blizzard was happy to hang out in the recliner with her and nap.
Day 340: Happy 12th Birthday Janelle! Blizzard helped her open her presents
Day 341: 5 baby kittens in the barn. 3 solid black, 1 black with white paws and one tiger striped. They are all so cute and love to hang out in the parlor during milking to hopefully get a drink of fresh milk. On this day, mama had just brought them a bird to eat. You can see a couple of it’s feathers at the bottom of the picture.
Day 342: Fall colored trees by church
Day 343: Umm…yeah…what to say about this…How about “No Comment” 😉
Day 344: It’s time to harvest the beans. The front yard starts to look like a machinery dealer’s lot, but it only lasts a day and then it’s all gone.
Day 345: This is what watches you if you take any food into our living room. They love to “help” you eat your dinner or snacks.
Day 346: The girls literature class at our co-op made snacks and had a fun little “party”
Day 347: For her birthday, I took Janelle and one of her friends shopping in the Appleton Mall for a day. They had so much fun shopping and giggling all day. Janelle tried on these shoes, but decided that they were a bit uncomfortable, so we didn’t buy them.

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