Project 365, Days 348-360

Day 348, November 2: Janelle wasn’t the only one buying stuff during yesterday’s shopping trip. This is my big purchase–a pair of slippers 🙂
Day 349: Sunset in the country
Day 350: Kaiser doesn’t like the way Blizzard looks after a bath. He sat there and barked at Blizzard until he was a little bit drier and fluffy
Day 351: Janelle spent the morning raking leaves with her youth group as a service project. She found time for some fun, too
Day 352: The sign says it all. Only 44 day and we’ll be in Florida
Day 353: A little free time fun during co-op.
Day 354: Getting ready for winter. Yes. He really picked out this hat and wears it.
Day 355: It’s only Nov 9. That’s too early for snow like this.
Day 356: Janelle in Fazoli’s enjoying a breadstick
Day357: Opening night of Oliver Twist. Greg was awesome as Fagin.
Day 358: I didn’t take this picture, but I really like it. Greg as Fagin with the pickpockets.
Day 359: What happens when snow melts and puppy goes outside: Muddy footprints on the kitchen floor.
Day 360: Chemistry lab. They’re waiting for the water to boil before finding out how heat affects a gas.

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