Project 365, Days 6-17

Day 6, November 23: This is Shadow. She’s in love with my  husband and is a total pain in the neck for everybody else. The dogs are afraid of her. She pushes cats around the parlor. She’s pushed me down the stairs and chased Greg. She does and goes where she wants to.
Day 7: Happy Thanksgiving!!
Day 8: Janelle decorated a cake to look like a pumpkin for our annual family Thanksgiving. It was at our house this year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Day 9: Playing Rigamarole
Day 10: This is Janelle’s finished pumpkin cake. It looks yummy!
Day 11: What happens when you combine 3 teenage boys and a chemistry experiment? They remind me of “Myth Busters”–have to add a bit more to see what happens. Excess lye added to vinegar leads to 200+ degrees and a partially melted styrofoam cup.
Day 12: Janelle is dancing in both the Sunday School Christmas program and the choir cantata. She’s practicing a couple of nights a week, making our schedule a bit hectic.
Day 13: It’s time to combine the corn
Day 14: Naughty dogs #1: They carried our lawn chairs out onto the lawn
Day 15: Naughty dogs #2: They ripped my boots to shreds
Day 16: A gift from a swap partner
Day 17: Naughty dogs #3: They carried a box of paper towels to the front lawn and shredded them

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