Project 365, Days 18-25

Day 18, Dec 5: Janelle had another dance practice at church for all the different dances she’s doing in both the Sunday School program and the Cantata. Tis the season to be busy.
Day 19: On cold days, messages like this appear on our memo board, just to remind us that soon we’ll be in warm places.’
Day 20: And, just in case we need the reminder, we have this board that’s been counting down since about 20 weeks.
Day 21: Blizzard is all ready for Christmas šŸ™‚
Day 22: Christmas candy! I bought a lot to fill bags for all the kids in the Christmas program. It looked so good, I just had to take a picture.
Day 23: Practicing the skit for the Christmas program. Eric play God; he’s creating Eve in this part of the skit.
Day 24: The kids in the Christmas program. Aren’t they cute?
Day 25: It was the last day of Chemistry class and the last Spanish class until after New Years, so we had a little party. The students ate and here they are playing Taboo. The Spanish students also had to take a test, but they still found some time for having fun.

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