Project 365, Days 33-45

Day 33, December 20: Our first night in Florida. We arrived at our hotel, the Floridays Resort, about 9:30 pm. This is the pool area. There were still people swimming, so Eric decided to join them. Love the warm weather!
Day 34: We spent our first full day at Discovery Cove. It was a great day. We went snorkeling with giant sting rays and tropical fish, saw exotic birds, did a “pseudo” deep sea dive, and swam with a dolphin. This is us with our dolphin, LaToya. She did tricks and we each got to swim with her for a short distance.
Day 35: Today was Sea World day. The highlight of the day was the Shamu show. The whole park was decorated for Christmas, but we didn’t stay long enough to see all the trees lit up.
Day 36: Our unscheduled day in Orlando. We ate lunch at Benihana, which was delicious. Then, we went go-karting and shopping.
Day 37: A 3 hour drive brought us to my sister’s house for Christmas eve. After church, where Greg and I joined 4 other family members in the choir, we played a variety of games. This game is Heartland Strategy
Day 38: Christmas Day at my sister’s house. Everybody waited around the pool for dinner. After dinner we all went to the beach, where the annual Bos family snow football game took place, with sand taking the place of the snow. Nobody seemed to mind the substitution.
Day 39: We went south to Key Largo for some snorkeling on the coral reef. There were jelly fish in the area, although I never saw one. My brother-in-law got stung by one and Janelle carefully swam around one to avoid it. I did see a variety of coral and plant life, as well as lots of fish. After snorkeling, we went to the Key Largo Conch House for a delicious seafood dinner.
Day 40: We went farther south to Key West on Tuesday. We stopped by the Seven Mile bridge for a family photo. The whole drive was almost 150 miles, one way. We did a sight-seeing trolley ride in Key West and saw the highlights and I decided that I would never want to live there.
Day 41: On our way back to my sister’s house, we made a quick stop at South Beach in Miami. The cousins who were along had to pose for the mandatory picture on the beach.
Day 42: We’ve been back in Wisconsin for a day, but in the rush to unpack and get some laundry and grocery shopping done, I didn’t get a photo taken. So, here’s another one from Florida, taken in Key West. Supposedly, this marker is at the southernmost point in the continental United States. According to the tour guides, it’s 90 miles to Cuba, 150 to Miami and 141 to the nearest WalMart.
Day 43: This little guy was overjoyed to have his girl back home 🙂
Day 44: Greg’s first attempt at making challah. I’m not sure why he wanted to make it, but it turned out OK
Day 45: Happy New Year! We woke up to snow this morning, making for a nice clean start to 2012.

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