Project 365, Days 46-56

OK,  I know I said last time that I’d quit with the vacation pictures. However, I forgot to take pictures several days in the last 2 weeks, so I’m using more vacation pictures to fill in the gaps. Enjoy the Florida scenery!

Day 46: The Wisconsin Badgers went to the Rose Bowl this year. Since I’ve been painting my nails every week for Packer games, I decided to do them for the Badgers as well.

Day 47: A Florida shot. Greg, relaxing by our private cabana at Discovery Cove
Day 48: Some of the beautiful plants and flowers around our cabana at Discovery Cove
Day 49: Our dogs. Kaiser is the baby, but definitely the biggest by quite a bit. They all love to play together
Day 50: Greg making challah.
Day 51: That is the moon, not the sun
Day 52: Blizzard staying warm, even though it’s not very cold right now–highs in the 40s! Yea!!
Day 53: More from Florida–Greg in my sister’s pool on Christmas Eve
Day 54: We ate at Key Largo Conch House and had a fabulous dinner. It was the first time I’ve ever ordered fish in a restaurant and would you believe that I actually liked it?
Day 55: One last photo from Florida. This one is in the Keys, near the Seven Mile Bridge
Day 56: And now back to reality. The first winter weather advisory which left us with several inches of snow and lots of wind. I think I prefer Florida 🙂

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