Project 365, Days 57-61

Day 57, January 13: The dogs enjoying the snow. Kaiser loves the snow. He’s definitely a cold weather dog. Blizzard isn’t so sure about it. It took him half a day before he would venture outside in the snow the first time.

Day 58: I had to do 2 pictures here, a before and after, so it would make sense. We have really, really hard and rusty water and it builds up on everything. I finally decided it was time to scrub the shower good. This is the before and after 🙂
Day 59: Packer party!!
Day 60: These are the clothes that no longer fit me. They’re all too big!! Yea!! I’ve only lost 20 pounds so far, with many more to go. I plan on needing a whole new wardrobe in the near future.
Day 61, Jan 17, 2 months done: More snow today. I guess winter is here now.

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