Project 365, Days 62-71

Day 62, January 18, 2012: I know it’s not sandal weather here yet, but I found these in the mall while shopping with Janelle today. They were only $3, so I just had to get them. I went back a couple days later and bought 2 more pairs (different styles, but still really cute sandals). I averaged $4 a pair on the 3 pairs. I love finding bargains.
Day 63: An early drive to get the car fixed gave me a chance to see a beautiful sunrise
Day 64: Spent some time today cleaning out one of the drawers in our bathroom. I didn’t dare take a “before” picture. 🙂
Day 65: It was a bit chilly this morning when I woke up to milk cows.
Day 66: I got my haircut today. I don’t think I’ll straighten it every day since I don’t feel like taking that much time, but it’s OK for a different look. I really like the shorter length.
Day 67: Same haircut, but curly this time
Day 68: Just a random view of some heifers
Day 69: Buddy, Jet and Kaiser
Day 70: Random shot of the cornfield in winter
Day 71: This little guy and several of his friends (there are at least 7 of them) are currently living in our garage. We moved some stuff and found this hole. We cleaned out the garage today and tomorrow will start evicting our furry little tenants.

One thought on “Project 365, Days 62-71

  1. Those are some nice pictures. I like the sunrise shot, and the hair cut is very nice. I can’t believe you actually got a picture of the mouse like that. I figure he would have ran away.

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