Project 365, Days 76-86

Day 76, February 1: A whole flock of birds settled in our front lawn. That is, until the dogs decided to chase them away
Day 77: Yum. This is made with refrigerator biscuit dough, maple syrup, brown sugar and nuts. It tastes so good.
Day 78: The full moon rising
Day 79: Two dogs want to come in the house on this cold evening. The third, who is the one that’s supposed to come in, wants to stay out.
Day 80: It’s hard to tell in this photo of Greg’s hand, but it’s very swollen. Why? Because he and a bunch of friends played a silly game where they slap each others hands until one pulls away. Greg won several times. However, the fact that he can hardly use his hand might mean that he actually lost.
Day 81: Janelle cleaned her room!! Yea!!
Day 82: One of Blizzard’s favorite places to sleep–on my bed with all the clean, folded laundry
Day 83:  Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars. According to my daughter, they’re better than the store-bought ones
Day 84: Bread baking day. The recipe is here
Day 85: We woke up to a bit of snow this morning. It snowed most of the morning and then got really cold. I’m ready for Spring!
Day 86: These are my new jeans that are 3 sizes smaller than the last ones I bought. 25 pounds lost!

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