Project 365, Days 87-93

Feb 12.jpg
Day 87, Feb 12: It was warm out, so Blizzard when Blizzard went outside, he found mud to play in. Now, he wants to come back in the house.
Feb 13.jpg
Day 88: All these clothes no longer fit. I’ve lost enough weight that it’s time to get a new wardrobe. Yea!!

Feb 14.jpg
Day 89: My Valentine’s flowers from my Valentine
Feb 15.jpg
Day 90: Kaiser wants to come in the house. He loves to sneak in, but I don’t love the mess his big paws make all over my floors.
Feb 16.jpg
Day 91: One of the drawbacks to dogs and mud–they need frequent baths, which means lots of bathtubs to clean
Feb 17.jpg
Day 92, Feb 17, 3 months done: Greg took me out for Chinese. This was the fortune in my cookie. I think they might need a new fortune writer šŸ™‚
Feb 18.jpg
Day 93: It’s hard to see in this photo, but this is my “to do” list for today. I got everything done. That doesn’t happen very often.

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