Project 365, Days 94-96

Feb 19.jpg
Day 94, February 19: Blizzard and Janelle playing. For some reason, Blizzard was extra, super hyper and just wanted to run and be wild all day.
Feb 20.jpg
Day 95: I’ve reached 1/3 of my weight loss goal, so it was time for a photo

Feb 21.jpg
Day 96:  It’s been so long since I wore earrings that the holes in my ears had grown shut. As a reward for losing 1/3 of my goal weight, I decided to get my ears re-pierced. I didn’t even need to hug the teddy bear they had there for the little kids who are scared 🙂

2 thoughts on “Project 365, Days 94-96

  1. I forget where I first heard about Project 365. It’s a project/challenge to take one picture every day for a year. This is my 3rd year doing it. I’m not the best photographer and we don’t always have something exciting happen, but it’s a fairly accurate picture of our life.

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