Project 365, Days 97-107

Feb 22.jpg
Day 97, February 22, 2012: This is one of the motivational things I use to keep me on track for losing weight. Every time I weigh myself, if my weight is down, I move a jewel from “Pounds to Lose” to “Pounds Lost”. So far, I haven’t had to move any the other way.
Feb 23.jpg
Day 98: Greg is the bread maker in the family. At least once a week he’s busy kneading and braiding his favorite–challah.
Feb 24.jpg
Day 99: It’s been a fairly snow-less winter so far, but we got a little bit today.
Feb 25.jpg
Day 100: I am trying to drink at least 80 ounces of water a day. I think water tastes better from fancy bottles, so these are the bottles I use. I know. It tastes the same as from a glass. It’s totally psychological.
Feb 26.jpg
Day 101: Instead of buying sweets and snacks every week, I’ve been trying to bake cookies, brownies, etc a couple of times a week. This is my latest batch. These have crushed pretzels, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. Yummy!
Feb 27.jpg
Day 102: Blizzard loves sleeping on my bed and sleeping in the laundry baskets. So, when the laundry basket was on my bed, the temptation was just too much and he had to jump in. The only problem was that the clothes in the basket were clean and he was all wet and dirty after having been outside.
Feb 28.jpg
Day 103: Proof that I am a good mom: I bought a new windshield wiper for Eric’s car 🙂
Feb 29.jpg
Day 104: A snowy dog
March 1.jpg
Day 105: Our new bunny. There’s more hair than bunny with this one.
March 2.jpg
Day 106: Snowstorm! 6-8 inches are predicted.
March 3.jpg
Day 107: While out driving in the snow yesterday, we had a bit of a mishap. We were exiting into Waupun when the car ahead of us on the off-ramp started fishtailing and then came to a stop across the road. I couldn’t stop in time and there was no room to go around the other car, so we hit. We’re waiting for the police report. Since we recently took collision off of the insurance for this car, if the accident wasn’t the fault of the other driver, we won’t be getting the car fixed. We’re guessing that the cop is going to write it up as a weather-related, no-fault accident.

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