Our annual chicken and rabbit buying trip

Today was the Small Animal Swap in Fond du Lac. It’s an annual event for us to find animals for 4-H projects. Greg, Janelle and I get up early to arrive at the fairgrounds by 7:00 (OK, a little bit later than that today). The expo building at the fairgrounds is full of people with small animals to sell. There are mainly many types of birds and rabbits, but you can also find dogs, goats and more. Quite often, it’s an all-morning excursion for us. This year, Greg and Janelle had an idea of what they were looking for before we even left home. Boy, that made the trip easier. We were in and out in less than 90 minutes today. Here’s what we bought today:

These 3 birds are all Appenzellar Spitzhaubens, one of Greg’s favorite breeds. He bought 2 hens and a rooster.
These 2 are Bantam Modern game birds. They are full grown, even though the hen (on the left) is not much bigger than a pigeon.
And this pair are Ameraucanas. The hens lay colored eggs–green and blue. They are sometimes called “Easter Egg chickens”
This is the breed that Janelle has been looking for. She was so happy to find them today. They are English Angoras.
Silver Fox.jpg
This big girl is a Silver Fox. She’s blue in color, which is more rare than black. Janelle really wants to raise blues, so finding a doe was great. She already has a blue buck, so now we’re ready for some serious breeding.
Of course, adding new animals meant lots of work getting housing ready for them. Thanks to Greg’s barbershop friend, Tony, we were well stocked with cages for his birds.
We’re using the blue barrels as shelter for the birds at night and in rain/snow. The cages have enough room in them so the birds can fly and have perches built in.
Next week is one more swap and one more chance to find more birds. You can never have too many birds, right?

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