Project 365, Days 115-127

March 12.jpg
Day 115, March 12: This is what my laptop screen now looks like. Somehow it was closed while the mouse was on the keyboard and now the screen is all cracked. At least I can access everything by hooking it up to our desktop computer.
March 13.jpg
Day 116: I was in another swap on the Homeschool Lounge. This was an apron swap and this is the apron I got from my partner.
March 14.jpg
Day 117: Spring housecleaning project #1: The Laundry room. It could also be called the junk room since it accumulates almost everything we have no other place for.
March 15.jpg
Day 118: The countdown to opening night has begun. 15 days and counting
March 16.jpg
Day 119: We found another use for some of our chicken cages. We now have 1 in the garage to keep all our barn boots in. This was, Kaiser can’t get at them to use them as chew toys.
March 17.jpg
Day 120, March 17, end of month #4: Greg got a few new chickens today. This one is a Russian Orloff. I call him Boris.
March 18.jpg
Day 121: Janelle’s new buuny, a Dutch named KitKat
March 19.jpg
Day 122: Yes, that is green grass growing and it’s only mid-March. The weather has been beautiful this week!
March 20.jpg
Day 123: Still counting down to opening night: 10 day to go
March 21.jpg
Day 124: Look at that temperature, and it’s only March 21.
March 22.jpg
Day 125: Blizzard is being a little bit naughty!
March 23.jpg
Day 126: This is what happens when a 17-year-old boy has 2 hours of rugby practice in the rain and mud–a dirty tub. It was a lot dirtier than this photo makes it look.
March 24.jpg
Day 127: 7 hours of practice today for Nunsense Jamboree. The set is looking great.

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