Project 365, Days 128-142

March 25.jpg
Day 128, March 25: This is what the laundry room looks like now that it’s clean. A big improvement from the “before” picture from last week.
March 26.jpg
Day 129: I took Janelle and her friend to the mall. They decided that they wanted to shop without me. Even when it was time for smoothies at Orange Julius, they stayed away from me 🙂
March 27.jpg
Day 130: Half way to my weight-loss goal!!!
March 28.jpg
Day 131: Blizzard loves to relax with Janelle
March 29.jpg
Day 132: Watch me grow: The latest in the series to show how big Kaiser is getting
March 30.jpg
Day 133: Greg’s first time driving. He got his temps a few minutes ago
March 31.jpg
Day 134: Janelle had her first cake decorating meeting. This is the cake she did at that meeting.
April 1.jpg
Day 135: Me as a nun in Nunsense Jamboree
April 2.jpg
Day 136: Tonight’s dinner–Coconut shrimp bake
April 3.jpg
Day 137: Blizzard relaxing with Janelle again
April 4.jpg
Day 138: Me at 40 pounds lost. Only 40 more to go
April 5.jpg
Day 139: A beautiful spring day
April 6.jpg
Day 140: Making my feet look good for sandal season. It won’t be long now 🙂
April 7.jpg
Day 141: I spent the day with a friend doing a freezer cooking day. This is what my freezer looks like now. I won’t have to cook in about a month.
April 8.jpg
Day 142: Easter flowers

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