Project 365, Days 143-157

April 9.jpg
Day 143, April 9, 2012: Our barn is going to be getting a new roof. The work started today.
April 10.jpg
Day 144: My  bread isn’t as fancy as Greg’s, but it still tastes good.
April 11.jpg
Day 145: Kaiser (and the other dogs, too) went with my on my run tonight. He was one pooped puppy when we were done.
April 12.jpg
Day 146: The new roof is done
April 13.jpg
Day 147: These naughty heifers got out of their fenced in area.
April 15.jpg
Day 148: The nice weather means I can do some geo-caching. This is the view as I’m approaching the area where the cache is hidden.
April 16.jpg
Day 149: An approaching storm
April 17.jpg
Day 150, April 17, 5 months done: In this nest of fur and straw are 6 baby bunnies. Soon, they will be hopping all over the cage.
April 18.jpg
Day 151: We also have 5 baby kittens in the barn. They are from 2 different mothers, but they are always all together and the mothers don’t seem to care whose they are. Both mothers feed all 5 kittens.
April 19.jpg
Day 152: One of the baby kittens
April 20.jpg
Day 153: Another of the babies
April 21.jpg
Day 154: The Hometown Harmony Tradition. Greg’s barbershop group giving their annual Spring concert in Sheboygan.
April 22.jpg
Day 155: One of the baby bunnies. The eyes will be open soon then they’ll start to look a lot cuter.
April 23.jpg
Day 156: My garden needs a little bit of work and now that the weather is nice, I will be working in it a lot
April 24.jpg
Day 157: Since the garden needs so much work, Kaiser decided to help with some of the digging. I think I am going to need a fence around the garden to keep him out. He loves to dig.

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