Project 365, Days 168-175

May 5.jpg
Day 168, May 5, 2012: Eric cooking brats at the soccer team’s brat fry
May 6.jpg
Day 169: This is what rugby shoes look like after a very muddy game. They were worse, but I cleaned them up a bit  before I thought about taking a picture.
May 7.jpg
Day 170: One of Janelle’s Angora rabbits
May 8.jpg
Day 171: This is what Janelle needs to do to reach one of her rabbits. Thankfully the rabbit isn’t always this difficult to get at. She was being difficult today.
May 9.jpg
Day 172: Dusty and her babies. The babies are about 3 weeks old now and we’ve opened up the cage so they can come out into the fenced in area in the front. Yesterday, the whole fenced in area was full of grass. Today, the grass is gone.
May 10.jpg
Day 173: Looking at the piles of clothes on my bed, you’d think I never did laundry. However, I do laundry at least every other day. Really, I do.
May 11.jpg
Day 174: Kaiser gets a bath
May 12.jpg
Day 175: My Mother’s Day present to myself–new weights to go with my new workout DVDs. Stay tuned for updates on how they’re working out 🙂

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