Project 365, Days 176-182

May 13.jpg
Day 176, May 13, 2012: Greg’s youth group spent the evening at our house on Mother’s Day. They played a game of capture the flag and we had a bonfire. It was a lot of  fun for everybody
May 14.jpg
Day 177: Today’s baking task: Cheesy cornbread mufifns
May 15.jpg
Day 178: Two of Janelle’s rabbits had babies today. This is one batch–5 little black bunnies. The other rabbit only had 1 baby.
May 16.jpg
Day 179:  Kaiser wants to come in the house. He has figured out how to open the screen door, so on days like today, when we have the inside door open, we need to lock the screen to keep Kaiser out
May 17.jpg
Day 180, May 17, 6 months done: Jet, Kaiser and Blizzard have lots of fun playing together
May 18.jpg
Day 181: At his last rugby practice of the season Eric won this award “Back of the Year”. Of all the players who play one of the back positions, Eric was honored with this award.
May 19.jpg
Day 182: Both Greg and Janelle had a recital today. Greg played piano and Janelle the violin. They’ve been taking lessons about a year.

2 thoughts on “Project 365, Days 176-182

    • Thanks! I wouldn’t mind the dog in the house so much if he kept his paws clean, but he loves to chase the cows through the barnyard and I really don’t want that stuff on my floor.

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