Project 365, Days 195-204

June 1.jpg
Day 195, June 1, 2012: Janelle’s baby bunnies are getting really big. Soon they’ll be as big as Mama bunny
June 2.jpg
Day 196: I’m directing the skits for VBS at our church. This is one of our practices
June 3.jpg
Day 197: My garden is growing!
June 4.jpg
Day 198: Blizzard and Kaiser–best friends
June 5.jpg
Day 199: Kaiser’s taking a break from a busy day of staying cool
June 6.jpg
Day 200: Some of our heifers
June 7.jpg
Day 201: Another shot of best friends Kaiser and Blizzard. They love to run together
June 8.jpg
Day 202: A new recipe that Greg made for dinner–Grilled chicken with a Dr Pepper glaze. It was Yummy!
June 9.jpg
Day 203: Another Saturday, another skit practice. This is the last practice before VBS starts on Monday.
June 10.jpg
Day 204: Current family photo

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