Project 365, Days 215-223

June 21.jpg
Day 215, June 21: My garden is growing and, at the moment at least, is weed free. Some friends came over yesterday to help out and they got stuck with weeding duty. But, they did a great job.
June 22.jpg
Day 216: Blizzard going for a car ride.
June 23.jpg
Day 217: This year was the 15th anniversary of the Lutheran Social Services Russian adoption program. They had a big picnic to celebrate. Dawn and Larissa came up for the weekend. In this picture are: Sasha, our Russian van driver; Ira, one of the Russians who works with LSS in Madison and travels with groups; Larissa; Greg; Dr Larissa, the director of the orphanage in Russia; and Dina, who also works with LSS in Madison.
June 24.jpg
Day 218: On Dawn and Larissa’s last night in Wisconsin, we had a bonfire. Dawn and Blizzard finally became friends. If it had been up to Dawn, they would have been friends right away 🙂
June 25.jpg
Day 219: A family of barn swallows took up residence on our clothes line for a day of learning to fly.
June 26.jpg
Day 220: My garden hasn’t been doing very well so far this year. These are the first tomatoes I’ve found, just starting to grow. I can’t wait!!
June 28.jpg
Day 221: The first melon
June 27.jpg
Day 222: It’s not even noon yet, and it’s already almost 94 degrees.
June 29.jpg
Day 223: One of our kittens, who isn’t even 6 months old yet, had 4 babies in the parlor. She’s not old enough to be a good mama. Although we tried to help, none of these little guys survived.

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