Project 365, Days 234-244

July 10.jpg
Day 234, July 10: What happens when you have a 4-H cake decorating meeting in an un-air conditioned school cafeteria on a really hot day? Frosting that melts and cupcakes that look like this. They were really cute for a few minutes.
July 11.jpg
Day 235: The lack of rain in making our lawn very brown.
July 12.jpg
Day 236: Some of our barn cats hanging out in the barn
July 13.jpg
Day 237: Greg and Janelle were both leaving on mission trips and had 13 hour drives, so I baked a bunch of cookies and muffins for them to take along on the ride.
July 14.jpg
Day 238: Yes, that is rain! We didn’t get very much, but it kept the corn happy for a few more days.
July 15.jpg
Day 239: Roland and I went to Kohler-Andrae State Park in Sheboygan. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 22 years and have never been here before. It was a fun, relaxing day on the beach.
July 16.jpg
Day 240: Yes, it’s that hot again.
July 17.jpg
Day 241, July 17, 8 months done: In case anybody thinks I’m exaggerating when I say Kaiser is as big as a small cow, here’s proof. He is a very big done.
July 18.jpg
Day 242: This is what Kaiser does on all our hot days–sleep on the cool, damp parlor floor.
July 19.jpg
Day 243: These cats love to keep me company while I’m milking. I like to think it’s because they like me, but it’s probably because they know that they will soon get some fresh milk.
July 20.jpg
Day 244: This is Demon. She is a mean cow. She charged at me in the holding area and slammed me into the wall. She then followed me into the parlor. Thankfully she couldn’t go down the stairs, so she just stood at the top and stared at me. I’m so glad she doesn’t have horns!

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