Project 365, Days 245-258

July 21.jpg
Day 245, July 21, 2012: These blue herons have decided our yard is a nice place to hang out. Our dogs love to chase them away

July 22.jpg
Day 246: One of Blizzard’s “hiding” spots. He’s not very good at playing hide and seek šŸ™‚

July 23.jpg
Day 247: Janelle is working on one of her ceramics projects for the Alto Fair

July 24.jpg
Day 248: More rain!! Yea!!

July 25.jpg
Day 249: Eric’s ceramic’s projects

July 26.jpg
Day 250: Janelle’s ceramics projects
July 27.jpg
Day 251: Greg’s ceramics projects
July 28.jpg
Day 252: The herons are back. This time, they’re hanging out on a pile of sweet corn waste that we use to feed the cows
July 29.jpg
Day 253: Janelle has spent a lot of time working on her showmanship speech for the fair
July 30.jpg
Day 254: Yeah, that’s my guy šŸ™‚
July 31.jpg
Day 255: Janelle’s fused glass projects
Aug 1.jpg
Day 256: Janelle demonstrating showmanship at the last rabbit meeting of the year
Aug 2.jpg
Day 257: The garden harvest from today. It hasn’t been a great year for the garden, but at least the tomatoes are starting to ripen
Aug 3.jpg
Day 258: One of the benefits of having a son who works at the movie theater–he sometimes gets to bring home leftover popcorn

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