Project 365, Days 267-273

Aug 12.jpg
Day 267, August 12:  It’s been a little cooler outside. That means all the flies outside flock to our window screens because it’s warmer there.
Aug 13.jpg
Day 268: The fountain in Lakeside Park
Aug 14.jpg
Day 269: View from the top of the lighthouse in Lakeside Park
Aug 15.jpg
Day 270: Janelle went bowling with youth group
Aug 16.jpg
Day 271: I know it’s only the pre-season, but the Packers are playing, so my nails had to be green & yellow 🙂
Aug 17.jpg
Day 272, August 17, 9 months done: The Cinna-stack French Toast at IHOP. Very, very yummy
Aug 18.jpg
Day 273: Janelle in Mennominee Park, Oshkosh

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