Project 365, Days 274-285

Aug 19.jpg
Day 274, August 19: Sunset on my way to church to pick up the kids from youth group
Aug 20.jpg
Day 275: This was in my fortune cookie. Finally, a fortune cookie that understands me 🙂
Aug 21.jpg
Day 276: Janelle has been doing dance at our church all summer. They are practicing for an upcoming worship celebration
Aug 22.jpg
Day 277: Tomatoes are finally starting to ripen in the garden. I almost have enough for a  batch of spaghetti sauce or salsa
Aug 23.jpg
Day 278: A new recipe that was a hit with the family–Braided spaghetti bread
Aug 24.jpg
Day 279: Pepper are getting ripe, too. They’ll be helpful when making sauces with the tomatoes
Aug 25.jpg
Day 280: It’s bread baking day
Aug 26.jpg
Day 281: Blizzard got a new hairdo. Janelle decided to put his ears up in a pony tail holder
Aug 27.jpg
Day 282: Another dance practice
Aug 28.jpg
Day 283: Cherry tomatoes this time
Aug 29.jpg
Day 284: The beans are almost done in the garden. These are ready to go into bags and then the freezer
Aug 30.jpg
Day 285: Janelle went through all her clothes. This pile no longer fits her. Some girls are going to get some nice clothes at the free rummage event in October.

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