Project 365, Days 286-304

Aug 31.jpg
Day 286, August 31: It was muffin baking day. I like to keep them in the freezer and always have some on hand.
Sept 1.jpg
Day 287: And today is bread baking day 🙂
Sept 2.jpg
Day 288: Labor Day weekend bonfire to end the summer
Sept 3.jpg
Day 289: That’s Ty up in the tree, trying to rescue a cat that I think the dogs chased up there. The cat eventually came down on his own.
Sept 4.jpg
Day 290: Kaiser is keeping cool. Although it’s not terribly hot, he still likes to hang out in the shade, especially on days like today where there’s also a breeze to help keep him col
Sept 5.jpg
Day 291: Blue moon
Sept 6.jpg
Day 292: Another dance practice for the worship celebration.
Sept 7.jpg
Day 293: Some evenings, the sunset is beautiful
Sept 8.jpg
Day 294: Things are starting to show the first signs of fall. Fields are yellow now instead of green
Sept 9.jpg
Day 295: Opening day of the Packer season. My family thinks I’m slightly nuts, but I wear Packer socks, pants, shirt, earrings, plus green and yellow nail polish and eye shadow 🙂
Sept 10.jpg
Day 296: More signs of fall
Sept 11.jpg
Day 297: A new monitor and printer
Sept 12.jpg
Day 298: Final dress rehearsal
Sept 13.jpg
Day 299: The boys are packing to go to a 3 day soccer tournament. Blizzard is helping
Sept 14.jpg
Day 300: Trees are turning red
Sept 15.jpg
Day 301: The boys are back and so is all their stuff
Sept 16.jpg
Day 302: After months of hard work, the Worship celebration finally took place. It was a fantastic celebration with dancing and lots of music
Sept 17.jpg
Day 303, Sept 17, 10 months done: Day 1 of the homeschool co-op. The girls are identifying trees around church
Sept 18.jpg
Day 304: Greg’s first home soccer game. They won 4-2.

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