Project 365, Days 305-315

Sept 19.jpg
Day 305, Sept 19, 2012: Corn harvest has started 🙂
Sept 20.jpg
Day 306: Another day, another soccer game. That’s Eric playing goalie, kicking the ball
Sept 21.jpg
Day 307: I left the living room for 2 minutes, at the most, and came back to find Blizzard happily eating my popcorn. I guess I should be happy that he saved me from eating the calories.
Sept 22.jpg
Day 308: This is what happens when I ask the boys for all their dirty laundry. It took 5 loads to get to the bottom of this pile.
Sept 23.jpg
Day 309: Greg and his “hospital socks”. Don’t ask. I really don’t know 🙂
Sept 24.jpg
Day 310: Co-op art class
Sept 25.jpg
Day 311: More soccer
Sept 26.jpg
Day 312: Blizzard showing off his new hair cut. He had to get cut really short because he was such a mess
Sept 27.jpg
Day 313: Greg in another soccer game. Can you tell what we’re doing a lot of lately?
Sept 28.jpg
Day 314: Blizzard’s fur is so short, he wears a sweater to keep warm when he goes outside first thing in the morning
Sept 29.jpg
Day 315: Roland is a bit tired and falling asleep at the table.

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