Project 365, Days 316-328

Sept 30.jpg
Day 316,  Sept 30: Sunset over the farm
Oct 1.jpg
Day 317: Eric had fun at his senior photo shoot. Here, he’s relaxing between shots.
Oct 2.jpg
Day 318: I was sick, hanging out on the couch, and thinking about how my kids are all growing up–Greg getting his license and Eric having his senior pictures taken. I commented how they were so cute, how I missed those days of having the cuddle up with me. Blizzard must have heard me, because he hopped up onto the couch to cuddle with me.
Oct 3.jpg
Day 319: I love fall colors
Oct 4.jpg
Day 320: Here’s something I never thought I’d go to–a Red Holstein show at World Dairy Expo. Greg and I went, but didn’t last long before getting bored. Honestly, all the cows looked the same to me.
Oct 5.jpg
Day 321: Roland’s twin brother, John, was here for World Dairy Expo, so we had a quick, early birthday celebration. It’s still about 2 months until their birthday.
Oct 6.jpg
Day 322: My new toy, a heart rate monitor. I burned 138 calories just in the warm up of one of my Insanity workouts.
Oct 7.jpg
Day 323: Blizzard gets into the Packer games, too. Of course, he doesn’t have much of a choice if Janelle decides to put a Packer shirt on him.
Oct 8.jpg
Day 324: The girls in art class, painting trees.
Oct 9.jpg
Day 325: Greg discovered one of his old sweaters in the basement, from when he was about 4 years old. He just had to try it on.
Oct 10.jpg
Day 326: All the stylish soccer players are wearing their sister’s shoes with their uniforms
Oct 11.jpg
Day 327: Another soccer game. It was cold at this one.
Oct 12.jpg
Day 328: Yummy! Culver’s Colby Jack Pub burger and onion rings.  Over 1000 calories.

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