Project 365, Days 329-350

Oct 13.jpg
Day 329, October 13: Today, there were hundreds of birds in our trees in the front of the house.
Oct 14.jpg
Day 330: My weight loss goal is getting closer
Oct 15.jpg
Day 331: Biology class. Today we’re experimenting on the effects of cold on muscles
Oct 16.jpg
Day 332: Another game with Eric as goalie
Oct 17.jpg
Day 333, Oct 17, 11 months done: My newest workout DVDs
Oct 18.jpg
Day 334: Today’s soccer game was very cold and wet. It rained most of the game. This was my view of the field from under my umbrella.
Oct 19.jpg
Day 335: Beautiful fall colors
Oct 21.jpg
Day 336: The colors were better in person than in the photo, but this street is lined with beautiful fall colored trees
Oct 22.jpg
Day 337: Showing off leaf collections in Biology class
Oct 23.jpg
Day 338: We’re at the end of the soccer season. This was a cold, foggy game. By the end of the game, it was hard to tell the red team from the orange team.
Oct 20.jpg
Day 339: Our last photo of Jet. We gave him to a new family today because he is starting to wander too much and the hunters across the road aren’t appreciating all his visits to their hunting grounds.
Oct 24.jpg
Day 340: It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Janelle braided Blizzard’s tail
Oct 25.jpg
Day 341: This year we had an abundance of boxelder bugs crawling all over the house
Oct 26.jpg
Day 342: Greg’s new chicken
Oct 27.jpg
Day 343: We got together at Grandma’s house and had birthday cake for both birthday “girls”
Oct 28.jpg
Day 344: Kaiser wants to come in the house, or at least get a treat
Oct 29.jpg
Day 345: The freestall barn
Oct 30.jpg
Day 346: This arrived on a big truck today. What’s it going to be? Stay tuned to find out
Oct 31.jpg
Day 347: Blizzard dressed up as a cow for Halloween this year. (Like he had a choice)
Nov 1.jpg
Day 348: Greg’s part in the homeschool play is the role of a Danish fisherman. He doesn’t look Danish, so the director asked if he’d be willing to color his hair for the part. It took 4 applications of bleach, one of a blonde dye and 2 days to get the desired results.
Nov 2.jpg
Day 349: Now Buddy wants to come in
Nov 3.jpg
Day 350: Greg’s new look

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