Project 365, Days 351-365

Nov 4.jpg
Day 351, Nov 4, 2012: It’s hard to see in this picture, but where the garden boxes used to be is being redone. Hopefully, I’ll have photos of the completed project before it snows
Nov 5.jpg
Day 352: Biology class this week was dissecting sheep hearts
Nov 6.jpg
Day 353: Janelle’s trying on some new shoes in the mall. No, she’s not buying them.
Nov 7.jpg
Day 354: Having fun in the mall on our annual shopping trip
Nov 8.jpg
Day 355: Time to get rid of more clothes that I have shrunk out of. Yea!!
Nov 9.jpg
Day 356: Opening night of Greg’s play, “Number the Stars”. Greg played Uncle Henrik, a Danish fisherman who smuggled Jews out of Nazi-occupied Denmark on his fishing boat.
Nov 10.jpg
Day 357: Getting ready for the next performance
Nov 11.jpg
Day 358: I have no idea why I took a picture of this, but I guess I did. We were cleaning out the basement, and these old mattresses ended up in the pile to get rid of
Nov 12.jpg
Day 359: This week, it’s sheep kidneys getting dissected
Nov 13.jpg
Day 360: Kaiser was looking in the window, with his face all full of mud. He was so cute
Nov 14.jpg
Day 361: And the reason for Kaiser’s muddy face–he was digging a hole. Not so cute
Nov 15.jpg
Day 362: A recent photo–60 pounds lighter than I was a year ago. Shirt is a size small, jeans are a size 8
Nov 16.jpg
Day 363: A Packers purse? Oh yeah. I had to get it
Nov 17.jpg
Day 364: Blizzard loves laundry day. His favorite sleeping place is the laundry basket.
Somehow, I must have missed posting 2 pictures (it’s leap year, so there should be 366). I have 366 in my photo editing program. If I figure out which 2 I skipped, I’ll get them on here.

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