Project 365, Year 4, Days 1-9

Nov 18.jpg
Day 1, November 18, 2012: Today’s my 45th birthday. The Packers also have a game against the Lions. That makes the perfect excuse to have a Packer Birthday Party!!
Nov 19.jpg
Day 2: In Biology today, we dissected frogs. Dari’s frog seems to like his finger a little too much.
Nov 20.jpg
Day 3: One of many projects going on at the farm right now: Using cement blocks to make some fencing so the cows can get where they need to but can’t get to where they’re not supposed to be.
Nov 21.jpg
Day 4: Thanks, Dari and Sammy!! They came over and cleaned my basement for me. Who knew there was a floor down there?
Nov 22.jpg
Day 5: Sunset on Thanksgiving
Nov 23.jpg
Day 6: Greg was in charge of making the dinner rolls for our Thanksgiving get-together with Roland’s family. He got a bit more creative than I would have.
Nov 24.jpg
Day 7: I was so busy having fun at our annual Saturday-after-Thanksgiving get together that I forgot to get photos,  so I took one of the centerpieces after everybody left.
Nov 25.jpg
Day 8: A hint of snow. Yuck!
Nov 26.jpg
Day 9: Art class. The girls are painting sunsets.

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