Project 365, Days 23-29

Dec 10.jpg
Day 23, December 10: Today’s biology dissection was a sheep’s brain. They have an amazingly small brain.
Dec 11.jpg
Day 24: The guys got our Christmas tree. We put it in the stand and realized the stand is broken. I guess it will stay leaning against the wall until I get a new stand
Dec 12.jpg
Day 25: One of the dancing angels at dress rehearsal for the Christmas cantata
Dec 13.jpg
Day 26: Experimenting with my nails. Red with glitter, but you can’t see the glitter in the picture
Dec 14.jpg
Day 27: I guess I didn’t get the front door closed all the way and Kaiser got it. At least it was no problem to locate him. I just followed the footprints.
Dec 15.jpg
Day 28: Janelle had fun coloring her hair. It’s only temporary and will wash right out, but it looks cool
Dec 16.jpg
Day 29: Janelle getting ready to dance in the Cantata at church.

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