Project 365, Days 30-49

Dec 17.jpg
Day 30, December 17, 1 month done: Dress rehearsal for the Christmas Eve service next week
Dec 18.jpg
Day 31: The Christmas tree is finally up and decorated.
Dec 19.jpg
Day 32: What happens when you let Janelle decorate the house? You have a spider ornament worshiping the Baby Jesus in the Nativity scene
Dec 20.jpg
Day 33: The first snowstorm of the season. This was our view from the house for most of the day. We ended up with about 15 inches
Dec 21.jpg
Day 34: Greg’s barbershop group sang Christmas carols in the mall
Dec 22.jpg
Day 35: Winter wonderland
Dec 23.jpg
Day 36: And what else did Janelle do while decorating? One of the wise man’s heads had broken off, so she set it up anyway, with the wiseman holding his head until I could get it fixed
Dec 24.jpg
Day 37: O Come Let Us Adore Him! Christmas Eve service at church.
Dec 25.jpg
Day 38: Kaiser really wanted to come in and join our Christmas celebration
Dec 26.jpg
Day 39: Janelle wouldn’t let me take her picture in Fazoli’s, so I took this picture instead. I know. Weird.
Dec 27.jpg
Day 40: A series of three Wintery photos of the farm
Dec 28.jpg
Day 41
Dec 29.jpg
Day 42
Dec 30.jpg
Day 43: All the grandkids with Grandpa. We celebrated his 80th birthday by having all the grandkids give him 80 of something. It doesn’t happen very often anymore that all the grandkids are together
Dec 31.jpg
Day 44: New Year’s Eve in Iowa. All the siblings with Dad.
Jan 1.jpg
Day 45: Last summer, my sister and sisters-in-law went through my mom’s jewelery, purses, etc and divided them up between the girl cousins and us adults.  I got the things that were chosen for me in Iowa on New Year’s Eve. This ring was in the assortment of jewelry. Unknown to anybody that was dividing up the jewelry, I borrowed this ring from my mom to wear at my wedding. How cool is that?
Jan 2.jpg
Day 46: Blizzard was a happy little puppy when we came home from Iowa. He wouldn’t hold still for a picture
Jan 3.jpg
Day 47: Kaiser relaxing in the snow.
Jan 4.jpg
Day 48: Even Blizzard catches Packer fever. (OK, he doesn’t have a choice in what he wears)
Jan 5.jpg
Day 49: Greg and the chocolate fountain at the Packer party

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