Project 365, Days 50-62

Jan 6.jpg
Day 50, January 6, 2013: Blizzard in one of his favorite locations, sitting on my pillow
Jan 7.jpg
Day 51: Today I conquered Mount Sockmore. Way too many socks piling up in a laundry basket, it was time to sort and fold
Jan 8.jpg
Day 52: The snow is melting.
Jan 9.jpg
Day 53: Kaiser has been playing in the garage again. His favorite game is running away with people’s shoes and boots.
Jan 10.jpg
Day 54: I was feeling overly domestic and tried a new recipe–Chicken and Lemon Orzo. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself
Jan 11.jpg
Day 55: Trying out the Packer gear for tomorrow’s party.
Jan 12.jpg
Day 56: The newest addition to the Packer get-up–green and yellow stripes in the hair. I used chalk and it washes right out.
Jan 13.jpg
Day 57: This is what happens when I ask the boys for their dirty laundry.  A pile so big, it was impossible to get through the hallway
Jan 14.jpg
Day 58: A load of hay arrived today. Some of the load had to be unloaded at the end of the driveway, so we had this pile of bales down near the road.
Jan 15.jpg
Day 59: So many workouts, so little time
Jan 16.jpg
Day 60: This project has been sitting in the garage for several months, and is finally getting finished–a green house for the garden. The frame pieces are put together
Jan 17.jpg
Day 61, January 17, 2 months done: This is where the greenhouse is going to go.
Jan 18.jpg
Day 62: Putting up the frame pieces.

One thought on “Project 365, Days 50-62

  1. Wow, snow melting already, that must be nice. We are still with a foot or more on the ground and can barely get about the teens during the day. A greenhouse sounds nice right about now. 🙂

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