Project 365, Days 68-75

Jan 24.jpg
Day 68, January 24:  How am I supposed to go to bed when hubby is sound asleep like this? 🙂
Jan 25.jpg
Day 69: Kaiser wants a treat. He’s always coming to the door begging.
Jan 26.jpg
Day 70: Orange chicken for dinner. This was the first time I’ve made it. It was a hit. Recipe will be coming soon
Jan 27.jpg
Day 71: More snow. We’ve been getting a lot of it this month
Jan 28.jpg
Day 72: Monday’s art class, again.
Jan 29.jpg
Day 73: A very foggy morning
Jan 30.jpg
Day 74: After a day of fog and rain, we had a day of snow and now everything is all white again.
Jan 31.jpg
Day 75: Snow hanging off the roof in front of the living room window.

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