Project 365, Days 76-84

Feb 1
Day 76, February 1: I think it’s time for the boys to pick up their room just a bit
Feb 2
Day 77: Come on, gimme a kiss!
Feb 3
Day 78: The weather hasn’t been the best lately, but it’s allowed for a few nice nature shots. This was taken at sunrise
Feb 4
Day 79: Some of the art the kids did in art class today. We were using pastels today
Feb 5
Day 80: Frosty morning
Feb 6
Day 81: Another frosty morning (we’re having a lot of them)
Feb 7
Day 82: Another snow storm. This one only dumped about 5 inches on us
Feb 8
Day 83: Last one for a while, I promise
Feb 9
Day 84: Eric came home from rugby practice today with his foot all taped up and needing these to walk. Not sure yet if it’s a sprain or a fracture. I’m hoping for sprain.

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