Project 365, Days 85-95

Feb 10
Day 85, Feb 10, 2013: Yes, these are light-up balloons. Totally cool
Feb 11
Day 86: This is what a 13 year old girl looks like when her mom is dancing the Macarena in Art class 🙂
Feb 12
Day 87: We had 20 deer in our field today. I couldn’t get them all in one photo, but here’s 5 of them
Feb 13
Day 88: This just amuses me. If you read the label carefully it says “Wisconsin Quality”, “Made in Kansas”, the address is listed as Springdale, AR.
Feb 14
Day 89: I think I figured out how the butter wrappers got into my bedroom. Silly puppy.
Feb 15
Day 90: I’m not sure what possessed us, but we decided to butcher one of our cows ourselves instead of sending it to a butcher shop. My dining room was turned into a meat locker for a day.
Feb 16
Day 91: All cut up and in the freezer. We ended up with over 200 pounds of meat, all boneless
Feb 17
Day 92, Feb 17, 3 months done: Yeah. It’s a bit cold today
Feb 18
Day 93: This is what my art students had to draw today, in honor of Valentine’s Day last week
Feb 19
Day 94: This heifer got out of the fence. The dogs spent the day trying to chase her back in, but she didn’t want to cooperate with them
Feb 20
Day 95: Blizzard want to come in out of the snow.

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