Project 365, Days 96-105

Feb 21
Day 96, February 21: A fresh loaf of bread. This recipe is so easy, just mix up the dough in the evening and bake in the morning in a cast iron dutch oven. Yum!
Feb 22
Day 97: Another delicious recipe: Thai sweet chili salmon
Feb 23
Day 98: Until the cows come home. They got out and wandered through the fields until Roland and Eric rounded them up again
Feb 24
Day 99: This is cow 1100. She doesn’t have a name, just her number. She always has to check out what’s going on in the parlor when she comes in. She’s nice to me, but she knows how to use those horns with other cows and is a bit of a bully
Feb 25
Day 100: Blizzard needs a haircut
Feb 26
Day 101: Blizzard after his hair cut. So nice a clean and white
Feb 27
Day 102: Another round of snow and wind meant Eric got his car stuck in the driveway
Feb 28
Day 103: Buddy hasn’t been feeling well, so I put a soft blanket outside for him to sleep on. The problem is that Kaiser has taken it over. He’s a bit too big for it, but still loves laying on it
March 1
Day 104: Janelle practicing piano
March 2
Day 105:  Blizzard was sleeping on the bed while Greg was looking for clothes in one of the laundry baskets. He dumped all the contents of the basket out on top of Blizzard, and Blizzard seemed to think it was comfortable and stayed there.

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