Project 365, Days 106-125

March 3
Day 106, March 3:  More snow. That seems to be the story of this winter
March 4
Day 107: Janelle’s art project from today. It’s a copy of a picture that’s on the nursery wall of our church
March 5
Day 108: Cool designs in the snow.
Day 109:  Greg’s been busy buying new chickens. Here’s 3 of his new ones
March 7
Day 110: And, 3 more of his flock
March 8
Day 111: I was sick for about a  week. Blizzard spent the week curled up by my feet on the couch. He’s my little napping buddy.
March 9
Day 112: And, when mom is sick for a while, somehow the house doesn’t get cleaned. This is what the entryway looked like after a couple of days.
March 10
Day 113: Janelle’s also been busy buying new animals. She has several new rabbits, including this little Netherland Dwarf
March 11
Day 114: She also got a new Angora
March 12
Day 115: And, one more new little bunny 🙂
March 13
Day 116:  This cow decided to check out the backyard.
March 14
Day 117: Kaiser wants a treat 🙂
Day 118: The last of Janelle’s new bunnies.
March 16
Day 119: I finally got around to grocery shopping. I needed a lot, especially since I plan on filling the freezer with a month’s worth of meals
March 17
Day 120: The freezer is now full of meals.
March 18
Day 121: It doesn’t show up on this photo very well, but it’s snowing again. It’s hard to believe it’s almost Spring.
March 19
Day 122: Besides the snow, we had a lot of wind, so there are lots of drifts
March 20
Day 123: The first day of spring, and the temp is only 6 degrees, with a wind chill below zero.
Day 124: Even though the weather isn’t saying spring, I’ve started spring housecleaning. The kitchen is first.
March 22
Day 125: A sign of spring–a bit of grass and birds gathering supplies to build nests.

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