Project 365, Days 145-150

April 11
Day 145, April 11, 2103: It’s the middle of April and I finally updated our calendar to April instead of March.
April 12
Day 146: Greg performed with Spring Light Theatre in Winneconne, WI this spring. They did The Pirates of Penzance. Greg was both a pirate and a policeman. That’s  Greg on the left with 2 of his fellow officers.
April 13
Day 147: The greenhouse is ready for the plastic. Now, we just need a nice day so we can put the plastic on.
April 14
Day 148: This is what happens to a patio door window when it’s muddy outside and you have a St Bernard who wants to come in the house for a little love.
April 15
Day 149: Greg’s version of fried wontons. They aren’t the same shape as mine, but the sure do taste good
April 16
Day 150: It’s hard to see, but this smiley face appeared in the muddy window, thanks to Josh, who comes to help milk cows a couple times a week.

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