Project 365, Days 151-160

April 17
Day 151, April 17, 5 months done:  The river flowing through our backyard. The good news is that the grass is starting to turn green.
April 18
Day 152: The weather today has been a bit crazy–rain, sleet, snow, wind and even a bit of sun. A very little bit, but there was some.
April 19
Day 153: Greg has some strange chickens. The bottom egg is a normal one. We also get tiny ones and even an occasional bean-shaped one, like the one in the middle. But, they all taste the same 🙂
April 20
Day 154: Spring cleaning in the dining room meant scrubbing the floor, especially under the table, where it gets really yucky. I didn’t even notice how dirty it had gotten until I started cleaning it real good.
April 21
Day 155: Some of Janelle’s artwork
April 22
Day 156: Eric’s rugby game. At least there’s no snow on the ground like there was for the first game of the season.
April 23
Day 157: After art class, Janelle and her friend decided to climb a tree by church.
April 24
Day 158:  Our greenhouse is finally up. Now, it’s time to get all the garden boxes set up and planted.
April 25
Day 159: I spent a lot of the week getting books ready for our annual homeschool book sale. Lots of books to put prices on meant our living room was a little cluttered for a few days.
April 26
Day 160: Another rugby game. Eric is in that mess of people somewhere.

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