Project 365, Days 166-176

May 2
Day 166, May 2:  Strawberries are planted now that the weather has warmed up a bit. Hopefully it stays warm.
May 3
Day 167: The warm weather didn’t last. We had to work at a brat fry fundraiser for the soccer team. Greg got the job of being out in the cold and rain grilling the brats and burgers.
May 4
Day 168: Mt Dew cupcakes
May 5
Day 169: Greg was cooking and the potholder on the right stuck to the bottom of his pan. He didn’t realize it, put the pan on the stove and burned the potholder.
May 6
Day 170: What happens when you try to catch a softball with the wrong hand? You get a bruised hand. Maybe this will help me remember to use the hand with the glove.
May 7
Day 171:  When Blizzard wants to go by Janelle in her room, he doesn’t make any noise. He just sits outside her bedroom door and waits for somebody to notice him.
May 8
Day 172:  Lake Winnebago. I had some time while waiting for Janelle at gymnastics, so I went for a walk through the park.
May 9
Day 173: Greg was feeling creative and made a batch of pretzel rolls. Yummy!
May 10
Day 174: Some of Janelle’s awesome artwork
May 11
Day 175: Mother’s Day roses
May 12
Day 176:  One of my Mother’s Day gifts–a set of Star Trek DVDs. Over 10 hours of  Star Trek 🙂

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