Project 365, Days 188-193

May 24


Day 188, May 24: One of Janelle’s rabbits is so calm, it will lie on it’s back while Janelle is practicing with it for 4-H showmanship.

May 25

Day 189: The potatoes are growing nicely in the garden. The problem is, so are the weeds. Time to get out there and get some weeding done,  if it stops raining long enough.


May 26


Day 190: Blizzard is pouting. His girl, Janelle, is spending the night at a friend’s house and he feels abandoned.

May 27

Day 191: Memorial Day nails


May 28

Day 192: Janelle is demonstrating how to do rabbit showmanship at a 4-H meeting.

May 29


Day 193: Another 4-H meeting. This one is dog obedience. It’s hard to get a decent picture. If I get too close, Blizzard gets distracted and doesn’t do what he’s supposed to.

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