Project 365, Days 201-213

June 8


Day 201: One of our many cows.  This one doesn’t have a name.

June 9


Day 202: This little kitten is getting a new home. She (or he, I’m not sure which), went home with Josh tonight. But, no worries. We have many more. 2 cats have had kittens and there’s at least one more pregnant.

June 10


Day 203: VBS skit practice.

June 11


Day 204: Tonight’s dinner–steak, fresh lettuce from our garden and roasted asparagus

June 12


Day 205: More rain. We’ve had way too much this spring.

June 13


Day 206:  Fresh lettuce, straight from our garden.

June 14


Day 207: Blizzard is showing us just how long the lawn is. Our mower broke, and we’re waiting for parts. With all the rain we’ve had, the grass is very long.

June 15


Day 208: Janelle’s dance group from church danced in the park at an annual event called “God of the City”, put on by local churches.

June 16


Day 209: Yes, we have eggs. Greg’s chickens have been very prolific layers lately.

June 17


Day 210: A strong storm blew through tonight. The windows were open when the wind very suddenly started blowing really hard. While I was rushing around closing windows, the door to our bedroom slammed shut due to the wind. It slammed so hard, the frame actually broke.

June 18


Day 211: Blizzard loves doing the teeter totter at dog obedience.

June 19


Day 212: For our anniversary, we went for the day to several different places. One of them was to Covered Bridge Park in Cedarburg. This is the last covered bridge in Wisconsin.

June 20


Day 213: Baby bunnies! There are 3 of them in that pile of fur.

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