Project 365, Days 214-220

June 21


Day 214, June 21: These little things are tomatoes. They’re still about the size of grapes, but they are growing. The plants are full of flowers, so I’m hopeful for a good crop.

June 22


Day 215: Buddy has been trying to get at the baby bunnies. He failed at digging in and going through the front of the hutch, so he’s now trying to get through the roof. Naughty dog!

June 23


Day 216: More dark sky is coming, which means more rain.  We don’t need more rain.

June 24


Day 217: Our apple tree is full of little apples.

June 25


Day 218: More baby bunnies. There are 6 of them this time.

June 26


Day 219: We also have baby kittens. I haven’t been able to get a picture of just the babies. The only time they’re holding still is when Mama is feeding them.

June 27


Day 220: VBS skit practice. Only 6 more practices until showtime 🙂

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