Project 365, Days 221-231

June 28


Day 221, June 28: The area in front of our house, after all the rain made the weeds grow and before I got to work on it.

June 29


Day 222: And..after I worked on it. Still needs some work and more color, but it’s better than the weeds

June 30


Day 223: Another storm is on the way. When will all the rain end?


July 1

Day 224: Bryce is relaxing during VBS skit practice


July 2

Day 225: Janelle’s working on her ceramics projects for 4-H


July 3


Day 226: Dinner was salmon, grapes and lettuce straight from the garden


July 4Day 227: What happens when I take care of Greg’s chickens? I smash my leg into a hidden piece of machinery and take a chunk out of my leg. Right after this, I slipped and fell in a bunch of mud. Not my favorite job.


July 5


Day 228: Greg’s chickens have been laying lots of eggs lately. Time to get these washed and put away.

July 6


Day 229: We had a bonfire with Alita and her girls. We haven’t had very many this year. It’s been too wet


July 7


Day 230: Greg’s souvenir from his mission trip to Costa Rica.


July 9


Day 231: I started a new workout program today. 25 minutes of cardio with no breaks. 265 calories burned.

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